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Solar Power Gate Openers

The Advantages of Using Solar Gate Openers

Due to recent advances in gate opener designs and the lower cost of solar panels, it is now possible to operate your gate without main power. You can now rely on the free and renewable energy of the sun to run your equipment.

This technology provides a number of advantages. Among these are:

  • Significantly reducing the cost of installation, as you do not need to use high voltage cables.
  • Having a working device even if the mains power fails in your area, as the solar panel charges a battery that powers the gate.
  • Batteries that can last for up to two days without any sunlight.

A Solar Gate Opener for All Applications

At Rotech, we supply a complete kit which consists of a solar panel, stainless steel brackets and a voltage regulator. The panel needs to be mounted in a position where it gets the most sunlight, away from trees or buildings. Its size would depend on the number of operations per day and the amount of accessories (PE beams, intercom) that will be fitted.

For most domestic applications, a 25 watt solar panel with a 7 Ah battery will power the D2 for 10 ‐20 operations per day with two days stand by. Kits are available for the D2, D5 EVO, D10 sliding; Bulwark VA swing gate openers; and the Sector boom gates.

Increase Security and Reduce Costs with Solar Gate Openers

With all these advantages and the capability to run on different applications, huge benefits can be expected once the gate opener is installed and used in the premises. The most important of which are increased security and reduced costs.

As you have a back‐up and don’t have to completely rely on mains power to run the equipment, this will strengthen your security system and avoid any lapses in case of a mains failure. Running on renewable energy will also give you a decreased utility bill and will lessen your carbon footprint.

Contact us now at Rotech to know more about these products. We also offer manual and automatic access control mechanisms, including the full height turnstiles and supermarket gates.

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