SafePass Automatic “Door” Learn Sensors

Post by: admin - July 11, 2018

Many people pass through automatic sliding doors in office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, airports etc every day.  Motion and infrared sensors play a critical role in ensuring automatic sliding doors are efficiently and safely while allowing smooth flowing convenient pedestrian access in and out of buildings.

Advances in direction detection and infrared technologies continue to enable better solutions for the safe operation of all kinds of automatic doors operating in a wide variety of environments.  Our two active infrared sensor products; the SSR-3 combined technology sensor and the HR100-CT uni-directional active infrared sensor, use unique innovative “door learn technology” to provide unmatched pedestrian safety.

What is “Door Learn Technology” and how does it work?

The unique ability of the “Door Learn” function to memorize door motion and for sensors to look back inside the sliding door leaf allows the door operation to be ignored while anything in the doorway will be detected.  The result – an unparalleled level of pedestrian safety.

Active Infrared sensors transmit and measure the reflection levels of infrared light. They have a high immunity to the negative effects of external influences such as reflections, sunlight and artificial light. These sensors are easy to install and adjust and can detect motion and static presence.

  • On set up the “Door Learn” function runs. Sensors take a snapshot of the reflection levels from the ground.
  • The infrared safety curtain is focused both in front of as well as inside the moving door leaf.
  • Three 3 rows of light are changed from motion detection to presence.
  • Now any changes in the properties of the reflected wave will indicate that a person or object is in the detection area and cause the sensor relay to activate and the door to open.


SAFEPASS SSR-3 Infrared & Microwave Automatic Door Sensor 
With “Door Learn” and uni-directional detecting technology this innovative energy saving sensor can be mounted at heights of up to 3.2m. 

A large adjustable detection zone of 4m wide x 4m deep ensures timely door opening for doors approached by shopping trolleys or fast-moving traffic. The EN16005 compliant monitored safety system is also available with an emergency escape route versions.

SAFEPASS HR100-CT Uni-directional Detection Automatic Door Sensor
Using advanced infrared technology this pioneering super sensor offers automatic sliding door activation and unprecedented safety at mounting heights of up to 3m.

The HR100-CT’s easily adjustable detection area eliminates false door openings in busy urban environments. The monitored safety system features dual relay outputs. This ability to adjust the door activation and pedestrian safety detection zones independently makes it the ideal sensor for every sliding door installation.

Use SafePass Sensors with confidence

  • Minimise return site visits – Fast reaction times, consistent, reliable sensor performance in a wide range of installation and climatic environments.
  • Reduce Building Energy Loss – Accurately adjustable detection area reduces false door activation cutting building energy losses by as much as 15%.
  • Certification – All SafePass Sensors are TUV certified to DIN18650 Standards.
  • Designed for Easy Install – Installation instructions are clearly printed on the sensor body.
  • Simple dip switch settings, standard connections across all products, enables commissioning in a matter of minutes.
  • Warranty – All active infrared sensors are backed by a 5 Year manufacturing warranty.
  • Manufactured in Japan since 1968 – globally recognised as a market leader in the design and manufacture of sensors.


Our range of microwave and infrared advanced technology door activation sensors has all your business entry points covered.  Call us to find out which one will best suit your needs.

Making Sense of Sensors – Domino 1100

Post by: admin - June 19, 2018


Industrial manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centres and commercial operations have been moving away from older slow, rigid doors to high-speed doors in an effort to increase productivity and energy efficiency.

But at what cost?  The quest for high-speed high-cycle automation also comes with added safety risks that increased operating speeds can bring to a door opening.  Fortunately, these days, most automatic doors use motion detection sensors to manage safety and security in vulnerable areas.

The Domino 1100 Microwave Motion Sensor solution – designed for large high-speed industrial doors, vehicle gates and barriers, vehicle detection, loading docks or any other industrial application where motion detection is required.

SMART – Increasing Pedestrian Safety

The Domino 1100 combines uni-directional detecting technology with intelligent software to differentiate between pedestrians and vehicles.

The ability to identify a pedestrian versus a vehicle allows for different door operation responses, such as partial or full door opening, to be set according to the type of traffic approaching the door.

The ability to configure the Domino 110 to detect different types of activity means the sensor can be used to separate pedestrians and vehicles.  Setting the unit to ignore pedestrian traffic while still detecting vehicular traffic forces pedestrians to use a safer side access pedestrian door.

Detection mode is selectable between approach-only or depart-only motion and can also distinguish between cross traffic and approaching traffic.

SENSITIVE – Fast Moving Vehicle Detection

Featuring microwave sensor technology the Domino 1100 can detect larger objects, such as forklift trucks, up to 60 feet away.

The maximum pattern size of the Domino 1100 is approximately 18 ft. wide and 60 ft. from the unit and is easily adjustable via range potentiometer on the printed circuit board.  Uni-directional detecting technology and a large detection area of 5m wide x 8m deep makes the Domino 1100 ideal for the timely detection of fast-moving vehicles.

The mounting height of conventional sensors is around 3-4 metres but the Domino 1100 can be installed at a higher mounting height of up to 7 metres – perfect for taller industrial doors.

SOPHISTICATED – Microwave Technology

Microwave sensors operate by registering and comparing the frequency of transmitted and reflected signals. People and objects cause disparities between the emitted and received frequencies as they move through the detection zone, activating the sensor relay and causing the door to open.

Microwave detectors are motion sensors and can be used in virtually any environment, including those that are not otherwise hospitable to other sensors, making them one of the most versatile types of sensor systems. The Domino 1100 is unaffected by air motion, change in temperature, humidity, color or background variations.

The Domino 1100 is able to be programmed to reduce the amount of false door activations without reducing the number of correct positives – improving accuracy, energy losses and ease of use.











Use SafePass Sensors with confidence

  • Reliable – Fast reaction times, consistent, reliable sensor performance in a wide range of installation and climatic environments..
  • Designed for Easy Install – Instructions are printed on the sensor body. Simple dip switch settings, standard connections, enables commissioning in a matter of minutes.
  • Reduce Building Energy Loss – Accurately adjustable detection area reduces false door activation cutting building energy losses by as much as 15%.
  • Certification – All SafePass Sensors are TUV certified to DIN18650 Standards.
  • Warranty – All active infrared sensors are backed by a 5 Year manufacturing warranty.
  • Manufactured in Japan since 1968 – globally recognised as a market leader in the design and manufacture of sensors.