Sentinel ECO Automatic Entrance Gate

Shoplifting from supermarkets, pharmacies, automotive and liquor stores is an ever increasing problem. A proven effective method of minimising shrinkage is to guide and regulate customer flows, from the entrance to the checkout using supermarket gates and guide rails.
Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Sentinel Eco entrance gate has a number of unique and stylish features which will satisfy any contemporary architectural design scheme.
The gates can be opened by radar fitted in the motor column allowing fast access or by photo electric beams in cases were the radar might pick up passing foot traffic. When a customer approaches the closed gate they are detected by the radar or beams and the gate opens. The time the gate stays open before it closes is adjustable from 1 – 100 seconds giving flexibility for different types of retail outlets.

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In situations were there is a self service check out system a bar code scanner can be used to open the gate preventing customers exiting without paying.

Customers are protected by the Safe Gate encoder technology that constantly monitors the gate arm for any resistance and immediately reverses on contact ensuring a safe passage.

Different types and sizes of arms are available, very wide openings up to 2400 mm can be achieved allowing easy passage of goods pallets. Plexiglas arms can be engraved with the company logo and also backlit with LED lights to present a modern sophisticated appearance.

The Sentinel Eco automatic entrance gate is assembled in an extremely strong durable housing designed to take knocks from trolleys and heavy duty traffic. The swing gate arm, the motor column and rails are mirror quality chrome finish. Additional barrier rails and posts can be supplied to guide pedestrians through the entrance gates.

The Sentinel ECO Automatic Entrance Gate includes the following features

  • Gate arms: standard 900 mm chrome, 900 mm Plexiglas, LED illuminated, 1200 mm aluminium, engraved Plexiglas
  • Indicator lights: LED red/green in the motor column, LED red/green in Plexiglas arm,
  • High Speed: 1 second opening speed
  • Safety: Encoder technology constantly monitors for any resistance to the arm and reopens.
  • Security: A barcode scanner can be added to a gate at self service check outs, only when a valid receipt is presented will the gate open.


For more information download our product datasheet.


Specifications Sentinel ECO Automatic Entrance Gate
Gate arms Standard:   900 mm chrome
Options:    1200 mm Aluminium arm, Clear Plexiglas or LED illuminated
Handing LH or RH and bi directional can all be changed easily on site via the control panel
Safety SafeGate Technology constantly checks the speed and force of the gate
Security Warning siren or voice message alarm if illegal access attempted
Emergency exit The gate can be opened when 6 kgs of pressure is applied to the arm and the alarm then sounds
Power failure The gate freewheels when power is lost allowing safe exit
Opening activation Radar, PE beams, remote radio, push button, bar code scanner
Wheelchair access Standard arm length is suitable for wheelchair access
Hold open time Standard time 4 secs – adjustable up to 100 secs
On / Off Keyswitch The convenient keyswitch allows the gate to be switched off
Electrical connection 240vac 0.3 amps, connection through base or top of the motor column


Gate, Barrier Rail & Post Options

  • Additional posts and barrier rails can also be supplied to suit any application.
  • The posts are 1120 mm high 48 mm diameter and the rails are supplied in 1000 mm lengths which can be cut to size on site.
  • All posts and rails are mirror finish chrome plate.


For more information download our product datasheet.



The Sentinel ECO Automatic Entrance Gate also has a range of optional accessories:

Radar Radar: The most common form of activation is by a radar mounted at the top of the motor column and covers an arc of 180 degrees – up to 3 Metres.  It is particularly useful if the pedestrians are approaching the gate from different directions.  In certain applications it may be necessary to fit two radars. Photocell Photocell or PE beam: is used to open the gate instead of radar when there are other moving objects close to the gate that might trigger the radar e.g. automatic door or trolley bay.  It is also used in tandem gate systems to prevent the first entrance gate being opened from  inside the shop and allowing someone to exit through the entrance.
LED-Signal-Light LED signal light: can be used to indicate that the gate is in ‘locked’ mode and only when it turns green, can the person walk through.  A buzzer can also be used instead of or in combination with the LED lights. Another function is to switch on the lights and/or buzzer when someone approaches the entry gate from the wrong side. Message-Broadcast Message broadcast: The Sentinel Eco has a facility to broadcast  up to 4 different messages.  These can be used to warn customers that they are trying to exit the wrong way or to thank them for shopping at the store or any  similar messages.
Remote-Control Remote control: The Sentinel Eco gate can be operated remotely from behind a  reception desk or by security personnel who have a hand held radio transmitter. Roof-mounted-radar Roof mounted radar: where it is not possible to mount the radar on the motor column a roof mounting radar is an alternative. This can cover a large area and adjusted to screen out moving doors or people walking across the gate opening.
Barcode-Reader Bar code reader: The increase in the use of self-service check outs creates another security problem because there are normally no exit gates. The Sentinel Eco bar code reader system aims to rectify this issue by keeping the exit gate closed. They will only open when a valid receipt is read by the bar code reader.


For information about Gate Arms and Barrier Rail options download our product datasheet.


For information about installation and operating instructions please download our PDF.