Automatic Vs. Manual Boom Gates – What’s The Right Option For My Property?

Post by: admin - March 8, 2019
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Thinking about getting a boom gate for your property but not sure whether to get an automatic or manual one? This is a situation many property owners find themselves in, and it can be quite confusing. While an automatic boom barrier gate certainly has a number of attractive, advanced features, a manual boom gate often seems like the more economical choice.

To help you make the best decision for your property, here’s a breakdown of the primary things you need to consider:

When to Opt for Automatic Boom Gates

Automatic boom gates have a number of great advantages. They can be incredibly fast, offer greater control through programmable settings, and are very easy and convenient to use, especially with their own remote control.

And thanks to built-in battery back-ups and solar powered options, these gates no longer have to be fully dependent on mains power.

Automatic models are often used in commercial and industrial settings, where speed is crucial to prevent tailgating and achieve maximum security. They’re built for speed and high volume situations, and have intelligent vehicle detection and vehicle counting capabilities, making them the ideal choice for large parking areas, toll stations and petrol stations.

They have plenty of impressive features for sure, but if your property has no need for them, an automatic model may just cost you extra with no real added value. If your area also has difficulty obtaining mains power or solar power, or is prone to power failures then this definitely would not be the best choice. The gate must have at least one constant source of power for the majority of its operating time.

When to Opt for Manual Boom Gates

Manual boom gates cost much less than automatic ones, and while there are a number of advanced features that automatic models possess that manual ones do not, they are still very effective in securing areas with their ability to be locked on both ends. Since they are manually controlled, they do not require a power supply and can therefore be installed and operated practically anywhere so long as there are no obstructions or strong winds.

Manual boom gate design includes a counterweight that allows the operator to quickly and easily lift and lower the gate. That being said, if you are to opt for a manual boom gate you will need a dedicated operator.

Manual boom gates are ideal for smaller settings such as for home and business, smaller car parks and car yards, as well as for temporary set ups such as building sites and mine roads.


If your property needs to accommodate a high volume of vehicles and there is a dedicated power supply, it would be better to go with an automatic boom gate. If automatic and programmable settings are a must for you and you don’t mind spending a little bit more for these features, then you certainly can opt for an automatic.

If however you are only going to cater to a small number of vehicles and do not require a vehicle count or particularly fast operation, a manual boom gate will suffice. Those who prefer having an operator or person present at entrances are also more likely to prefer a manual model as it allows an operator to first check the vehicle coming in, and have complete control over the movement of the boom gate.

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