Top 6 Safety and Security Equipment You Should Have For Your Property

Post by: admin - April 9, 2019
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When safety and security of your property is of paramount importance, you’re going to need the latest in security equipment to keep your property protected round the clock.

It’s not enough to put locks on your doors. To get total peace of mind and maximum protection of your business premises or property, you need to outsmart those who would want to get in. That can be done with the latest safety equipment.

Today’s array of safety and security equipment can cover every nook and cranny of a property, ensuring that there are no blind spots, no areas that sinister criminals can take advantage of.

Protect Your Business with the Best Security Equipment

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to secure not only the goods you sell but ensure the safety and security of your working environment and all those in it.

Here are the top six safety and security equipment that could help you do just that:

  • Loop detectors and safety beams – These safety equipment can detect the presence of vehicles, obstructions or any incoming presence, alert you of these, and react automatically through programmed settings. They’re used mostly in entrance points to automatically open or close gates to incoming vehicles, or to signal the presence of unwanted entities such as vandals.
  • Access Control Equipment – These equipment can vary in design and function but they all have the same purpose: to increase the security of a premises by only letting those with special access or are granted permission to enter. These can range from card readers and keypads, to audio and video gate intercoms.
  • Video Surveillance System – Keep a literal eye on your premises at all times by installing a complete video surveillance system in and around it. CCTV footage can be used not only to keep areas secure, but also for incident analysis purposes and as proof in criminal cases.
  • Remote Radio Controls and Door Sensors – Remote radio controls allow you to open or close garage doors and automatic gates, as well as arm or disarm alarm systems from a distance. The same goes for door alarm sensors. While door sensors are typically used to sense the presence of people and automatically open doors for them, they can also be used to keep doors locked from a different location. 
  • Warning Lights and Sounders – These can instantly warn you of any dangers present through a flashing light, loud alarm or combination of both. Some models have record and play back capabilities, allowing them to deliver pertinent messages during emergency situations, such as to stay calm and head for the nearest exit. Warning lights and sounders can be used in a number of different applications: for fire, security and process control.
  • Security Gates and Gate Openers – Your gates are your first line of defense against intruders, and must therefore be secured. With security boom gates and automatic swing gate and sliding gate operators you have greater control over the flow of vehicles coming in and out of your premises.

When it comes to the security of your property, business and people, it’s best to have the right security equipment in place. Equip your property with some of the most reliable safety equipment, get in touch with Rotech today.

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